Hello world!

May 17, 2011

Well, first post, hurray!

I’m starting this blog to dot down the tales of my game development, past, present and future. Just about every project that I’ve come up with and worked on has been somewhat humourous, ranging from XNA (Xbox 360 arcade/PC games) to my current Android craze. I’m still finding myself stealing bits and pieces from my forgotten (well, I’d like to say that they’re just benched, you never know) XNA game, which was going to be the next World of Goo/Braid physics game.

The idea of the game was to have the player in some sort of first-person perspective as a person reading a book, which contain living drawings/people that live in a village. The game would start with a nice, calm “help the village create huts, boats, stop bad things happening to them” feel to it, which would build your relationship with the village. As the game progressed, your girlfriend/wife/loved one would come watch what you’re doing, and basically order you to act out violent acts on the village, where you can then choose to follow out her orders, or save the village from whatever she decides to draw to kill them. Either way, my idea was to create some love-hate emotional tie, no matter what you do.

While that seemed (to me) like a short, sweet game, it didn’t last long, as you can imagine how scarce a programmer’s mind can be of imagination sometimes. Needless to say, boredom took over the project, and if you were to run the current build of it, you would see a half-written pencil/eraser/fire/white-out drawing engine, a couple of poorly-coded AI entities running around in circles, and a sprite of a hamburger with a face and it’s tongue poking out, spinning at non-calculable speeds (this was me testing out the Farseer Physics engine).

After that, my attention worked its way towards the Android SDK, and I currently have 4 game projects that I’ve been working on in Eclipse, one that has been published to the Market, but only as a test of marketing and reactions (seriously, if you buy it, I’ll try to refund you if I can). I’ll post more of the Android games that I’ve got up my sleeves some other time, probably when I’ve worked a bit more on my newest one.

Well, it’s taken me quite a while to put my thoughts together just to create these measly ~440 words, and I hope that I’m not exercising my blogging abilities just to become all lonesome on the internet, where only a search for my name in quotation marks could bring this up. That’d suck.

That’d really suck.